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Designed and Manufactured in the UK, Chargebus have created a unique quality range of Charge and Sync solutions. Ranging from compact desktop Charge and Sync units to bespoke cases cabinets and syncing carts. All charge and Sync systems are fully compatible with the latest Apple IOS and uniquely Chargebus, Charge and Sync products even fast charge the latest versions of Apple iPads in Sync mode.

Chargebus use our range of Uniobox Enclosures for their products. Giving a modern yet industrial look and feel, their products do not only...

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"We chose the E-case B since we wanted a robust and wall-mountable enclosure which was made to a high quality in the UK and easily recyclable. Using an extruded case housing like the E-case B with custom end-plate fascia allowed us to easily create a tidy enclosure without the cost and commitment of going down the fully custom injection moulding route." "At the time when we were considering the options we did some research into the embodied energy of various enclosure materials. We found that although aluminium has a slightly higher embodied energy initally than plastic this is negated in...

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Bright Ideas In Black Boxes

Lincoln Binns have been working with Esper Design for a little over a year now. They produce power supply units and accessories for the photography market. They also have extensive experience with lighting, audio, still and moving images, we can develop systems to assist in the capture, processing and reproduction of data from any of these fields. Their current product line up includes the POWER CELL; providing 6 power outlets for cameras. These are individually protected from voltage overloads and excessive currents. Also included is the SHUTTER CELL which acts as a camera trigger distribution hub. Multiple units can be...

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Custom 19 Inch Rack Panels

Our custom 19 inch rack panels are available in a brushed finish either in black or silver anodized. We have two types. The blanking panels are made of flat aluminium sheet, whereas the rack panels are extruded and have reinforcing ribs at the back. This increases the stiffness of the panels and is necessary when connectors are to be fitted. All panels can be colour or laser printed. We can mill holes in the panels to suit your connectors. Our  custom 19 Inch Panels can be designed and customised in a very short period of time. If...

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Custom 19 Inch Rack Panels


Did you know?

We undertake design and prototyping as well as mass production.

You can also fit any size circuit board into our electronic enclosures. Either with a special carrier plate or with a custom sized UnioBox. Did you also know that there is no minimum order for boxes or panel printing. Just email us your requirements and drawings and we can quote you per unit.

We can engineer your housing for you, using your circuit board and a sketch of your front panel.

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