E-Case Accessories

E-Case Accessories:


E-Case End Plates

The E-Case end plates are available in three finishes: black anodised, silver (clear) anodised and natural.

E-Case End Plates


E-Case Gaskets

Gaskets come as a set suitable for waterproofing one aluminium enclosure. A set comprises two white silicon foam gaskets and a number of polythene washers. The washers are optionally fitted under the heads of the screws and raise the rating of the gasket set from IP65 to IP66. Find out more here.

E-Case D Gasket

E-Case Bezels

Cosmetic end plate surrounds made of ABS plastic that are available in four sizes to suit the four extrusion profiles. The four end plate mounting screws pass through the bezel, through the end plate and into the extrusion. The screw heads are concealed by inserts which closely match the bezel. This gives a much improved cosmetic appearance. Find out more here.

E-Case Bezel

E-Case Mounting Lugs

Aluminium extruded mounting bracket for fixing E-Case housings to walls, panels, vehicle bulkheads etc. Linc-Lug slides into any external dovetail feature on E-Case housings and is retained by the end plates. Find out more here.

E-Case Lug

E-Case Tapping & Thread-Forming Screws

There are two screw types for the E-Case available. A No.4 self tapping screw, which comes with a Philips head and an M3 thread-forming screw, which comes with a Torx head. Find out more here.

E-Case Screws

E-Case Clip On Plastic Bracket

Lincoln Binns has introduced a plastic clip-on mounting bracket for the E-Case enclosure range. It is an alternative to the MTS40 type metal bracket. The main benefit of the clip-on bracket is that it can be retro-fitted by the end user. Find out more here.


E-Case Rubber Feet

These rubber feet have a self-adhesive coating on the bottom and are very durable. Our rubber feet give clearance (4.7mm) under the enclosure. If bezels are fitted to your enclosure the rubber feet will stop the bezel touching the work surface and prevent it from scratching. Find out more here.

Electronic Enclosure Feet


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