Aluminium Electronic Enclosure – E-Case C Data

Data For Our E-Case C Aluminium Electronic Enclosure

Silver or black anodized aluminium extruded box section to take 100 x 80mm, 100 x 160mm or 100 x 220mm circuit boards. This box features dovetail slots down the side,
which accept a Linc-Lug mounting bracket to facilitate surface mounting. The maximum height of components on a board mounted in the bottom slot is 33mm. One side of the box features two sets of appearance enhancing grooves. Between the sets of grooves is a shallow (0.5mm deep) recess that could be used for a label.

This is one of a series of sections that includes E-Case A, E-Case B and E-Case D.
E-Case C Dimensions

Length Tolerance: Nominal length -0mm/+1mm e.g. ECS 80 is not shorter than 80mm and not longer than 81mm.
Non-Standard Lengths: Available. See separate datasheet.
Material: Aluminium 6063 T6 (HE9).
Finish: Silver anodized 5 μm thickness to BS 1615 – can be painted directly if required. The inside and cut ends are not anodized. Black anodized 20 μm thickness, the inside and outside are anodized
Weight: 1.63 Kg/m.
Perimeter: 348mm outside, 362mm inside.

Extrusion Order Codes:

Length Black Silver
80mm ECB 80 ECS 80
160mm ECB 160 ECS 160
220mm ECB 220 ECS 220

Screw ports: Nominal diameter 2.7mm to take a No.4 self-tapping screw with a 3mm major diameter of a type normally used for plastic. They are not suitable for ordinary self- tapping screws, which have a 2.9 mm diameter with a wide tolerance. The screw ports can be threaded M3 using a thread-rolling tap, but a thread cutting tap will make a weak thread. Alternatively an M3 thread-forming screw can be used to roll its own thread.

Application Information: End plate C is size 108.5 x 44.5 x 1.5 mm to suit the C profile of the E-Case range of extruded enclosures. This includes both standard enclosures and non-standard lengths.The end plate is available in three finishes, black anodized, silver (clear) anodized and natural. Natural end plates are anodizing grade and have a removable plastic coating on one side to prevent unwanted scratches prior to application. Initially, natural end plates will look the same as silver anodized, but over time will become dull or corrode if used in an application without surface protection. They would be an ideal starting point if a paint or alochrom finish were required. Silver anodized end plates are intended as partners for ECS (silver) electronic enclosures and black anodized end plates are intended as partners for ECB (black) electronic enclosures.

The end plates are made using a ‘pierce and blank’ tool and therefore have a front with rounded edges and a back with square edges. The screw holes in the end plate are symmetrical about a vertical centre line but lie closer (at 3.5mm) to the top than the bottom. This conforms to the geometry of the E-Case enclosure. The end plate is designed to lie flush with the enclosure top and bottom and overlap the dovetails on the sides. Any Linclug inserted in a dovetail will be retained by the end plates.

Material of end plate: Aluminium J57S or 5251 H22
Weight: PCN 1, PCS1, PCB1: 20g
E-Case C Front Plate DimensionsEnd plate order code:

Size Black Silver Natural

The envelope drawing shows the relationship between three things:

  1. The circuit board in the bottom slot of the enclosure.
  2. The envelope within which components must be placed.
  3. The outside of the end plate.

E-case C Internal Dimensions


Bezel – Optional black or silver ABS plastic bezel renders cosmetic improvement for E-Case C. It fits over the end plate and conceals the edges. Screws pass through the bezel as well as the end plate. Inserts conceal the heads of the screws. The bezel is particularly suited to concealing the edges of self-adhesive polycarbonate labels or membrane panels fitted on top of the end plate. Order Code: ZCB1, ZCS1

The bezel outline drawing shows the central area of the end plate (dotted line) not covered by the bezel.
E-case C Plastic Bezel End DimensionsGasket set – comprises 2 gaskets and 8 washers to optionally fit under screw heads. Order Code: GEC1. Full details on E-Case Accessories datasheet.
Linc-Lugs – Silver Order Code: LSS 40 (40mm), LSS 80 (80mm);Black Order Code LSB40 (40mm), LSB80 (80mm). Full details on E-Case Accessories datasheet.
Screws – No.4 x 3/8” Plastite™ posi-pan self-tapping screws: Silver Order Code: SC8 (pack of 8), SC400 (pack of 400). Black Order Code: SCB8 (pack of 8), SCB400 (pack of 400).

M3 x 10 TORX™ thread-forming screws. Silver Order Code: SCT8 (pack of 8), SCT400 (pack of 400). Black Order Code: SCTB8 (pack of 8), SCTB400 (pack of 400).

Plastite™ is a trademark of Research Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. TORX™ is a trademark of Textron Inc. Product and data subject to change without notice.

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