Antrica ANT4000 electronic enclosures

The Antrica ANT-4000 Video Encoder and Decoder are housed in electronic enclosures designed and manufactured by Lincoln Binns Ltd.
The Antrica ANT-4000E is a Full HD 1920 x1080 at 60 frames/second encoder designed to be used for various streaming and encoding applications. The ANT4000 is ideal when high quality video, or PC output, needs to be sent over an IP network at low data rates. Video resolutions from PAL and NTSC up to 1080P60 are supported as well as stereo audio.
Lincoln Binns Ltd. designed the housing from scratch to accommodate thermal and EMI constraints as well as front and rear panel layout. It is manufactured using our CNC punch and proprietary U-Case 1 extrusion, black anodised and indelibly laser printed.