Ardingly Solar Car

Ardingly Solar Car

Working with the Ardingly College Solar Team has allowed us to pass on our expertise in the electronics enclosure business to a talented group of young students who have put their creative heads together and designed the Ardingly Solar Challenge car. The idea behind the challenge is energy management.

Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge Route

Our enclosures house some of the main electronic components required to make the vehicle move under the sun’s renewable energy. Housing these electronics with the Lincoln Binns products not only keeps them safe but allows the students to access vital statistics and information whilst travelling across Australia from Darwin and arriving in Adelaide 3000km later.  The event runs from 18th – 25th October 2015.

We would like to wish everybody involved with Ardingly Solar the best of luck for the event.

Follow the links below for more information on the Ardingly Solar Team plus a link to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Ardingly Solar Website – http://ardinglysolar.com/
Ardingly Solar Twitter Account – https://twitter.com/ArdinglySolar
ridgestone World Solar Challenge Website – http://www.worldsolarchallenge.org/