PISonus A recent customer has finished their PISonus project using Uniobox 2 and Acrylic End Plates. It’s a high-performance audio digital-to-analog converter and amplifier designed for a way to listen to high definition music without all the complicated setup. Simply plug a power source into PISonus, wire speakers to it and add your music library. Thanks[…]

HiFiBerry DAC

How to hack a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro by John Binns

I thought I would demonstrate the usefulness of the Lincoln Binns Uniobox 66 enclosure for Raspberry Pi projects by undertaking one myself. I decided to make a one-off music system product we have called Pi-Player. We took it to the 2016 Electronics Design Show at Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Pi-Player comprises a Raspberry Pi 2[…]

Sculpted End Plates

Sculpted End Plates

Sculpted End Plates We’ve always wondered, what comes first; practicality or design? When we designed our Uniobox enclosures, both practicality and design were in mind. We created a striking aluminium extrusion that is extremely functional with its various internal mounting slots and is also visually appealing. So much so that it would appear to be the extrusion[…]

Extreme Test - Take Two - Lincoln Binns

Unexpected Extreme Test – Take Two

‘Unexpected’ Extreme Test – Take Two Our good friends at Hocus Products released an image of one of their products, the Axis 1, after a small mishap at 50 mph. The extreme test was not planned! Using our E-Case A aluminium enclosure, this particular Axis 1 was involved in a camera car crash. Hocus report[…]

Electronic Design Show 2016

Engineering Design Show 2016

Engineering Design Show 2016 19th – 20th October 2016 | Ricoh Arena | Coventry | Stand M17 We’ll be at the Engineering Design Show 2016 in Coventry’s Ricoh Arena from the 19th to the 20th of October. Come and visit us on Stand M17 where we’ll be exhibiting our products and talking about our services.[…]

Ardingly Solar Car - Lincoln Binns

Engineering for our future – Part 1

Engineering for our future – Part 1 The Lincoln Binns sponsored Ardingly Solar Car took part in a parade through Lindfield village High Street on Saturday and was subsequently installed in a stand at the village show. Director John Binns was on hand to polish the solar cells using a high-tech micro-fibre cloth (a paper[…]

MSOE NASA Robotics - Lincoln Binns

Engineering for our future – Part 2

Engineering for our future – Part 2 Congratulations to our friends “The Raiders of the Red Planet” at MSoE (Milwaulkee School of Engineering University). They came 19th out of the 45 teams who made it to the NASA robotic mining competition. They, themselves, nearly failed to compete having suffered a breakdown after 14 hours driving[…]

Ardingly Solar Update

Ardingly Solar Car Update

Ardingly Solar Car Update Welcome to Darwin, Australia. The Ardingly Solar Car has travelled 8,614 miles from Ardingly College to Darwin in Australia to compete the 3000km Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Our CEO John Binns has travelled out to Australia with the students to give them help and technical knowledge. As their mentor in business[…]