Custom Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case

Custom Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case If you don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is, let us be the first to give you the vital information. A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer originally designed and created as a cheaper alternative for school/university computing and coding. The Raspberry Pi is an extremely versatile piece[…]

UnioBox Lugs

UnioBox has already proved very popular because its variable width and length along with a choice of 3 heights means that most electronic circuit board applications can be accommodated. Now Lincoln Binns has launched a new wall mounting lug for the range of electronic enclosures that makes them even more versatile. It is called UnioLug.[…]

E-Case C Electronic Enclosure

E-Case C is one of our aluminium electronic enclosures E-Case C extruded electronic enclosure is designed for Eurocard width circuit boards. It is a box section aluminium electronic enclosure to take a 100mm wide board with board lengths 80mm, 160mm or 220mm. It is also available in non-standard lengths. Standard colours are silver anodised or[…]

E-Case End Plates

The E-Case end plates are available in three finishes: black anodised, silver (clear) anodised and natural. Natural End Plates are anodising grade and have a removable plastic coating on one side to prevent unwanted scratches prior to application. Silver anodised End Plates are intended as partners for the E-Case (silver) electronic enclosures and black anodised[…]