We like to talk and consult with our customers before they have started their design. The optimum housing solution for their application will dictate the size and shape of the circuit board. Even the first hand-soldered circuit board should be designed with a few simple layout rules in mind. The funny thing is that although a circuit board designer may have had no intention of housing his prototype, after a few hundred hours he is quite proud of his work and would like to show it off to its best advantage. Then he starts looking for a box to fit his board. Why did he not design his board to fit a box in the first place?

Lincoln Binns specialises in extruded enclosures. The lowest cost E-Case range have fixed widths and the board slides into slots in the extrusion. There can be no components near the slots so there is a 5mm no-go area down the sides of the board. The connectors must be on the front and back of the boards only so they poke through the end plates. The fixed widths for the boards are 55mm, 100mm, and 160mm and the space for the connectors is, therefore, 45mm, 90mm, and 150mm respectively at each end. The connectors, LEDs and switches must be aligned on the same plane to mate with a flat end plate.

Products –

E-Case Range
U-Case 1 & Uniobox Range
19 Inch Rack Panels
Alubos IP65 Aluminium Enclosures
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