Custom Electronic Enclosure Services

Lincoln Binns Custom Enclosure Services

At Lincoln Binns we have a wide range of facilities enabling us to fully-customise your box to suit your requirements and needs. We have a wide range of boxes available to customers, from our own Lincoln Binns aluminium E-Case and UnioBox range, to Hammond’s plastic and diecast electronic enclosures. Once a suitable box has been selected, we are able to customise it in a variety of ways, from cutting it to a unique size, to milling, punching, lasering and printing. We able to fully-customize and finish your electronic enclosure.

E Case with printed colour logo


At Lincoln Binns we offer a full design service. You can supply your own designs or provide us with a set of circuit boards and our engineers will create it for you, using our Solidworks CAD systems. We also design for print. We will supply prototypes.


We are able to cut our Lincoln Binns range of aluminium electronic enclosures to custom lengths, making our boxes suitable for a wider range of purposes.


It is possible to mill holes into our aluminium enclosures, Hammond plastic and Hammond diecast boxes, making these electronic enclosures perfect for circuit boards. Customers can supply their own engineering drawing or we can create one for them, making the process quick and easy.


Our CNC Punch can be used on our range of aluminium end plates, making these even more customisable.


It is possible to anodise your Lincoln Binns aluminium electronic enclosure in a range of colours. The Hammond enclosures that we offer are not suitable for anodising.


At Lincoln Binns, we can print onto our aluminium enclosures, as well as Hammond’s range of plastic and diecast boxes. We are able to print block colour, text, logos and even high-quality images, making this a unique way to customise your electronic enclosure.