Uniobox Electronics Box

Uniobox Electronics Box

Our Uniobox electronics box is made of extruded aluminium side pieces with top and bottom plates made of sheet aluminium. The benefit of this method of construction is that the extrusion can be made to any length and the sheet metal top and bottoms can be any length and width. This allows the customer to specify any size of box that they desire. The only restriction at the moment is a maximum height of 120mm, which is for the Uniobox 3. Other heights that are available are 80mm for Uniobox 2, 66mm for Uniobox 66 and 44mm for the U-Case 1. End plates can be made according to the width of the final box. These enclosures can also be mounted onto 19″ panels to create 19″ rack boxes. U-Case 1 will fit behind a 1U 19″ panel, Uniobox 2 will fit behind a 2U panel and Uniobox 3 will fit behind a 3U panel.

Circuit boards should generally be designed with a 3mm strip down each edge which is free of components or solder pads. This allows the board to be slid into the grooves inside the box. However, we find that many customers come to us with a pre-designed PCB – actually sometimes several PCBs. We can mount one or more circuit boards on a carrier plate using PCB standoffs. The carrier plate is a sheet of 1.5 mm aluminum which slides into the grooves. We can have boards below and above the carrier plate and leave large holes for, say, ribbon cables to pass between the top and bottom boards. Carrier plates are punched, and therefore much cheaper than milled plates.


U-Case 1 Electronic Cases

U-Case 1 is variable width and length like our Uniobox range, but also has the dovetail features of the E-Case, which allow it to take a Linc-lug mounting lug. It is currently only available in a 1U height (44mm). U-Case 1 has a particular feature that creates an aluminium box for mounting hard drives. Find out more about the U-Case 1 here:

Uniobox electronics box links to U-Case 1 electronic cases

Electronic Cases - U-Case 1 - Lincoln Binns

Uniobox 66 Electronics Box

This custom electronics box comes in a standard 66mm height. A very popular box for housing small electronic boards alongside various components, such as LCD screens. Find out more about the Uniobox 66 here:

Uniobox electronics box link to Uniobox 66

Electronics box - Uniobox 66 - Lincoln Binns

Uniobox 2 Electronics Box

This custom extruded housing comes in a standard 82mm height. This corresponds with a 2U height in a 19″ rack system (hence the name Uniobox). The actual height of a 2U 19″ rack panel is 88mm, so this is slightly smaller, allowing it to be adapted as a back box for such a panel. Find out more about the Uniobox 2 here:

Uniobox 2 electronics box

Electronics box - Uniobox 2 - Lincoln Binns

Uniobox 3 Electronics Box

It comes in a standard 120mm height. These corresponds with a 3U height in a 19″ rack system. The actual height of a 3U 19″ rack panel is 132mm, so this is slightly smaller, allowing it to be adapted as a back box for such a panel. Find out more about the Uniobox 3 here:

electronics box Uniobox 3 link

Electronics box - Uniobox 3 - Lincoln Binns


A standard or custom electronics box?

We sell the pre-anodized versions of this range of boxes in standard flat packs, but the real application for this system is the infinite variety of custom versions. We use Solidworks to model a custom electronics box which exactly meets our customer’s needs. We can vary the size and shape of the end plate. So the front plate does not have to be the same size as the housing, it can be larger and of a different shape. This is particularly common in Hi-Fi applications where end plates are milled from solid aluminium. We can change the material of an end plate to, for example, clear or smoked acrylic. This might allow an onboard WiFi transceiver to access the wireless network.

Standard top and bottom plates are plain, but we can punch custom holes in them to allow air to flow from bottom to top and cool circuit boards inside. We have a choice of 2mm or 3mm thickness as standard, but in one project we mounted a 10kg transformer on a 5mm thick bottom plate, with the edges of the plate milled down to 3mm to fit in the bottom enclosure groove. Incidentally, we are agents for Hammond Manufacturing and supplied the transformers for this project.

Other customization options include a selection of screws or the addition of mounting brackets and rubber feet to your U-Case or Uniobox. We can even punch the plates to accept DIN rail mounting clips.


Video: Understanding the Uniobox Electronics Box




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