Custom Hammond Plastic Electronic Enclosures

Custom Plastic Electronic Enclosure Services Provided By Lincoln Binns

Lincoln Binns now offers a range of Hammond plastic electronic enclosures to suit your every need. We supply a range of sizes and styles – flanged, tilting feet, wall-mounting, waterproof or plain – which we can customise in-house for our customers. These customisation options include milling, machining and printing your box. Click to here view our range of Hammond plastic electronic enclosures.

Bespoke Plastic Enclosures

We aim to provide a bespoke customisation service, a one-stop shop for all plastic box requirements. We can fulfil all our customers’ customisation needs in-house, making the entire process simple and stress-free. Our skilled engineers are also able to design your customisations on CAD-CAM if required.

Milling Plastic Enclosures

Just like our aluminium enclosure range, we are able to mill or machine holes into your plastic boxes to customise them to your needs, making them perfect to hold circuit boards. We are able to design and mill these customisations to your exact requirements. Follow this link to find out more about milled plastic boxes.

Printing Plastic Boxes

At Lincoln Binns, we also have the facilities to print on your plastic enclosures. We are able to design and print full-colour boxes, fonts, logos and images to a high-quality finish, making your enclosures unique. Follow this link to find out about printing your customised plastic electronic enclosure.

Lincoln Binns plastic enclosures       Lincoln Binns plastic enclosure with wall mounting feet

Lincoln Binns weatherproof plastic box with open lid      Lincoln Binns plastic enclosure available with tilting feet

For further information on plastic box customisation, feel free to send us an email enquiry.