E-Case D

E-Case D is Lincoln Binns’ largest aluminium electronic enclosure

E-Case D is a box section aluminium electronic enclosure to take a 160mm wide board with board lengths 80mm, 160mm or 220mm. It is also available in non-standard lengths. Standard colours are silver anodised or black anodised (which is slightly more expensive). Non-standard anodised finishes are also available.

The circuit board can have components 40mm high. Fig.1 shows the PCB with maximum component height on it of 40mm. This PCB will fit in the bottom groove of the box orientated as in Fig.2. The PCB slides in grooves 2mm deep down either side of the box. This means that approximately 2.5mm is unavailable for components on each side. The useable part of the PCB is a strip 155mm wide in the middle.

Looking at Fig.2, the top of the box features a shallow (0.5mm) recess between the decorative grooves. This will take a label. The dovetails down the sides will take an optional Linc-lug wall mounting bracket. Two lengths of Linc-lug are available. Fig.2 shows the silver anodised aluminium enclosure with Linc-lugs LSS40 (40mm long). Bezels ZDB1 have been fitted. Gasket set GD1 may also be fitted, but it will be hidden by the bezel. Optional end plates PDS1 can be taken with this box, but Fig.2 shows a non-standard endplate printed and punched to customer specification.

Exterior dimensions of the aluminium enclosure are 169.8mm x 53.5mm with a variable length. Generally the order code for the box designates the length of the circuit board to go inside. For example EDS80 is the order code for an aluminium extrusion that is approximately 80.5mm long to take an 80mm board.

Electronic Enclosure - E-Case D - PCB dimensions - Extruded Aluminium case

Fig.1 – E-Case D PCB Dimensions

Electronic Enclosure - E-Case D - full assembly - extruded aluminium housing

Fig.2 – E-Case D aluminium electronic enclosure


E-Case D Specifications E-Case D Data Specifications

E-Case Accessories E-Case Accessories

E-Case D Extrusion Download Download E-Case D Extrusion .DXF

E-Case D End Plate Download Download E-Case D End Plate .DXF

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