IoT Enclosures

IoT Enclosures

The ‘Internet of things’ can be dated back to the 1980s with a vending machine that could inform its suppliers that its stock levels were running low. At the time, the term “IoT” wasn’t even considered to be a ‘thing’. Moving to the present day, most devices connect to the internet. Your smart home hubs, lights, appliances, media devices, the list is endless. From an industrial point of view, anything to help the processes of manufacturing with the goal to reducing costs and lead times is almost deemed as priceless; the more money you save, the more money you profit from.

Due to the list of inexpensive computing hardware, IoT prototyping kits and development boards growing at a rapid pace, these processes are becoming more automated and re-occurring. As a result of this, we are seeing more and more customers come to us with ideas and projects from a wide variety of industries. Marine, GPS, Healthcare, Energy Monitoring is naming a few. We developed the Pi-Box Pro range which is a logical solution to bring all the connectors of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to the same plane. The concept has already helped many customers with their own projects and products.


Pi-Box Pro – View the range here

The Pi-Box Pro is available directly from us and comes with, or without SD access, and POE accessibility if required.

Continuing the logical process with the Pi-Box Pro and IoT enclosures, we’ve also developed the turner board. Using the same idea of bringing all the connectors to one plane, the turner board connectors to the GPIO and can rotate standard footprint hats through 90 degrees. This enables the connectors on the hat board to be in line with the rear of the enclosure. Working in conjunction with the extender board, the turner can provide a fully customisable IoT enclosure solution.

Pi Hat Turner

Pi-Hat Turner


It’s not only Raspberry Pi that we work with. Sharing the same footprint as the Pi, we can easily find a housing solution for the following alternative boards:

The Raspberry Pi form factor doesn’t limit our IoT enclosure abilities. We have also helped out with projects using Arduino boards, Beaglebone Black & Blue boards, Pine A64-LTS boards and many others. If you have an IoT project that requires housing, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

How can we help you with IoT Enclosures?

Option one:

If you have a clear vision of your project and produce a dimensional drawing for cut-outs and usable artwork, then we can work with these to produce your design. Dimensional drawings can be anything from a hand drawn sketch up to a full CAD 3D model. Logos, icons and other images need to be in a vector format or equivalent so that we can resize them properly.
A list of components being used in the end panels would allow us to double check your cut-outs against the manufacturer’s recommendations. We will then send you final drawings for approval prior to being released into production. We will provide you with STEP, IGES or DXF files for all enclosures, end plates and accessories if required.

Option two:

Send to us your PCB, connectors and any other components and we will work on a few design options based on your outlined requirements. If you require artwork then we will need your logo in a vector format and a list of fonts that fit your corporate identity. Throughout the design process, we will send you images and 3D PDF’s until a design is agreed. We will then send you the final drawings for your approval prior to being released into the production process.

Option three:

Make an appointment to come in and sit down with the Design & Engineering Manager, talk through your design, have a decent coffee and a few hours later, leave here with a working prototype of your product in your hands. We can achieve this as we do all the design and machining in-house. This provides us with the opportunity to offer a rapid prototyping service.