Milled Plastic Enclosures

Machined and Milled Plastic Enclosures

At Lincoln Binns, we specialise in the customisation of electronic enclosures. We provide a machining and milling service to all our customers so that their bespoke boxes fulfil their requirements. This same service is still available for our new range of plastic enclosures, allowing us to mill connector holes into either aluminium or plastic enclosures.

Milling your plastic enclosure

Our customisation process is quick and easy as we can process everything in-house, from design to the production of your milled plastic enclosures. First a customer must select from our wide range of Hammond plastic boxes, choosing a size and the attributes of a box.

Customers can either supply their own engineering drawings or we can use CAD-CAM to design their milled plastic enclosure for them. These machined plastic enclosures are unique and therefore perfectly suited to every customer’s circuit board requirements.

Lincoln Binns plastic electronic enclosures

We are able to further this customisation process with our in-house plastic enclosure printing.

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