Printed Plastic Enclosures

Custom Printed Plastic Enclosures

At Lincoln Binns we provide a full-customisation process for your enclosure, whether it is an aluminium or plastic box. Printed plastic enclosures are a chance for customers to design the aesthetics of their chosen box, giving them control over the final finish.

Printing your Plastic Box

Whether a customer’s enclosure is a simple plastic box or has been milled, we aim to make this printing service as smooth as possible. Once a customer has chosen their plastic enclosure, they provide us with their chosen design and we can resize and position it onto the plastic enclosure. Designs can be as simple as full-colour printing or text to logos or high-quality images. This means that customers can utilise the design of their printed plastic enclosure for company promotion. We can provide samples of their printed plastic enclosure (there is a one-off set up charge) to ensure the desired end result.

Lincoln Binns plastic enclosure with wall mounting feet

Our milled and printed plastic enclosures make us a one-stop shop for your plastic enclosure needs.

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