Raspberry Pi Aluminium Enclosure

Raspberry Pi Aluminium Enclosures

The Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm. It has proven to be a useful tool for everyday occurrences. For a computer the size of a credit card, this is a huge achievement. The original idea was for it to be introduced into the educational sector for use in schools, universities and colleges. It has gone further than that and is now in the hands of professional developer’s world-wide. It has created the world of home programming accessible to the masses with individuals and companies using the Raspberry Pi for IoT, home energy monitoring, simple gaming, home automation, web servers and weather stations.

Pi-Box Pro

Having connectors on multiple sides makes it difficult to house the Raspberry Pi Model B v3 for industrial applications. Lincoln Binns has designed the Pi-Box Pro to solve this problem. Read more.

Pi Box Pro

The Pi-Box Pro can be purchased online here.

Custom Pi-Box Pro

The following custom options are available for the Pi-Box Pro:

  • Logo or corporate branding
  • Restricted SD card access
  • Ventilation patterns for fan mounting or air flow
  • 1U 19″ rack mounting panel – 1, 2 or 3 Pi-Box Pros
  • Colour Anodising
  • DIN Rail or surface mounting

Custom Pi-Box Pro

For more information on customising the Pi-Box Pro, call us on 01403 865486 or email – info@lincolnbinns.com

Pi-Box Pro POE

With the launch of the PoE HAT from the Raspberry Pi Foundation we have added to the existing Pi-Box Pro range of enclosures. With additional cutouts in the carrier plate and venting added to the enclosure. The PI-Box Pro POE is available in Silver and Black and with or without access to the SD Card.


Uniobox Pi

Lincoln Binns have previously designed and distributed our own Raspberry Pi Aluminium Enclosure. This was designed in house using a Uniobox 66 enclosure on our systems and is the perfect addition to your Raspberry Pi. The extruded aluminium enclosure is extremely versatile in that it can be upgraded or modified at a later date. It also gives you easy access to the board should you require. Please contact us for more information about how we can create a custom Uniobox Pi enclosure to house your Raspberry Pi. 

Uniobox Pi

We can customise our Raspberry Pi enclosure to suit your requirements. For more information on customising, please contact us.

Read about and watch our Raspberry Pi Case being tested to the extreme here.

Raspberry Pi Case