Lincoln Binns Services



We like to talk to our customers before they have started their design. The optimum housing solution for their application will dictate the size and shape of the circuit board. Even the first hand-soldered circuit board should be designed with a few simple layout rules in mind. The funny thing is that although a circuit board designer may have had no intention of housing his prototype, after a few hundred hours he is quite proud of his work and would like to show it off to its best advantage. Then he starts looking for a box to fit his board. Why did he not design his board to fit a box in the first place?



We tailor bespoke solutions for our design customers. These can be full-custom designs of plastic mouldings or machined-from-solid billet, but will normally be semi-custom designs based on existing extrusions that we hold in stock. Sometimes customers need a very cheap solution and we have access to the full range of Hammond plastic enclosures. Indeed, sometimes customers have specified a Hammond enclosure as part of a project and would prefer that we source it as well as print it.



We generate machine code from the solid models which allows us to manufacture prototypes that directly reflect the models. Existing customers usually send us the circuit boards and parts, or come down to us with them and then we make up a prototype within an agreed time frame – usually one or two weeks. A few customers, often new ones, like to sit down with us and watch whilst the solid model is being created. This allows them to control how more complex components such as aerials and SIM card holders may be placed.



We hold pre-anodized lengths of extrusion and sheet metal. This allows us to reduce manufacturing time and accelerate prototyping. We have spent 30 years ensuring the highest quality possible, particularly for extrusions, sheet metal, and anodising. We think we have the best possible suppliers and, though there are limitations (particularly on some anodising colours), we are in a position to advise what is possible. It is quite feasible for customers to arrange for their own separate sub-contractors, for example, to machine or anodise their enclosures. However, once they have used our integrated service, they never want to go back to ‘the bad old days’.