U-Case 1


U-Case 1 is one of our custom aluminium electronic enclosures

Our custom aluminium electronic enclosure U-Case 1 is variable width and length like our Uniobox range, but also has the dovetail features of the E-Case, which allow it to take a Linc-lug mounting lug. It is currently only available in a 1U height (44mm). For 2U and 3U height boxes we offer UnioBox. The standard aluminium box sizes are shown below with part numbers and prices. The letter S in the order code refers to the fact that the boxes are silver anodised. The prices shown are price for 1-9 boxes. 10+ boxes get a 10% discount, 50+ boxes get a 15% discount and 100+ boxes get a 17.5% discount. The board size refers to the board that would fit in the bottom slot as you view the image to the right (i.e. without the hard drive in place). In this location there is a height for components of 32mm above the board.

U-Case1 box with dims


U-Case 1 Specifications U-Case 1 Specifications

U-Case 1 Download DXF U-Case 1 Extrusion Download

U-Case 1 Download End Plate U-Case 1 End Plate Download

U-Case 1 Price List U-Case 1 Price List

U-Case 1 Standard Size List U-Case 1 Standard Size List


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