Unexpected Extreme Test – Take Two

‘Unexpected’ Extreme Test – Take Two

Aluminium Electronic Enclosure - Lincoln Binns

Our good friends at Hocus Products released an image of one of their products, the Axis 1, after a small mishap at 50 mph. The extreme test was not planned!

Aluminium Electronic Enclosure - Lincoln Binns

Using our E-Case A aluminium enclosure, this particular Axis 1 was involved in a camera car crash. Hocus report that the accident happened when a moving truck hit the camera to which the Axis 1 was attached to. The camera crane wasn’t lifted in time for the truck to pass underneath it. The good news is, it still works! To quote Hocus Products Instagram post, “On to focus another day”. It looks like the plastic bezels have taken a lot of the impact which is why for industrial, hands on or hostile environment sectors, they are a key component.

Aluminium Electronic Enclosure - Lincoln Binns

After seeing the images of the unit, we are starting to wonder if our ‘Extreme Test‘ on our Raspberry Pi Enclosure was a little tame…

Aluminium Electronic Enclosures