UnioBox 2

Custom Electronics Box UnioBox 2

Our custom electronics box UnioBox 2 is made of extruded side pieces with top and bottom made of sheet aluminium. It comes in standard sizes, but it is fairly simple to punch the sheet aluminium to non-standard widths and lengths and make the front panels to match. Also, we can make connector holes at the same time. The enclosure end plates are fixed via self tapping screws into screw ports in the side extrusions. The extrusion comes in a standard 82mm height. This corresponds with a 2U height in a 19″ rack system (hence the name Uniobox). The actual height of a 2U 19″ rack panel is 88mm, so this is slightly smaller, allowing it to be adapted as a back box for such a panel. A common application might be to have two versions of a product. The 19″ version would have the Uniobox with 19″ rack front, whereas the standalone version would have the usual front with the rounded corners.

Custom electronics box - Uniobox 2 - Lincoln Binns


UnioBox is available in silver or black anodised finish, and the side extrusions are available on their own (sold in pairs).


Uniobox 2 Specifications Uniobox 2 Specifications

Download Uniobox 2 DXF Uniobox 2 Extrusion Download

Uniobox 2 DXF End Plate Uniobox 2 – Request End Plate Download

Uniobox 2 Price List Uniobox 2 Price List

Uniobox Standard Size List Uniobox Standard Size List


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