UnioBox 66

Custom Electronics Box – UnioBox 66

Our custom electronics box, UnioBox 66, is made of aluminium extruded sides with top and bottom made of sheet metal. There are a few standard sizes in silver, but most of our customers specify a custom size. We can also make the front panels to match and we can make connector holes at the same time. The custom electronic enclosure end plates are fixed via self tapping screws into screw ports in the side extrusions. It comes in a standard 66mm height.

Custom Electronics Box - UnioBox 66 - Lincoln Binns

UnioBox is available in silver or black anodised finish, and the side extrusions are available on their own (sold in pairs).


Uniobox 66 Specifications Uniobox 66 Specifications

Uniobox 66 Extrusion Download Uniobox 66 Extrusion Download

Uniobox 66 DXF End Plate Uniobox 66 – Request End Plate Download

Uniobox 66 Price List Uniobox 66 Price List

Uniobox Standard Size List Uniobox Standard Size List


All of our custom extruded aluminium enclosures are made of extruded side pieces with top and bottom plates made of sheet aluminium. They are available in standard sizes but can be fully customised in width and height. End plates can be made according to the width of the final enclosure. They are available in 4 different heights and can be mounted to 19″ panels to create 19″ rack enclosures. Lincoln Binns can design and manufacture a custom U-Case to fit your PCB needs or we can manufacture a design from a high quality PDF or Vector Graphic. Contact us to find out more about our customising services or to place an order.


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