Acrylic End Plates

Acrylic End Plates

With more and more electronics using wireless communication between devices, the need for a reliable a connection is even more evident. There is nothing worse than having a short range wireless connection. Lincoln Binns can design and manufacture Acrylic End plates for both our E-Case, U-Case 1 & Uniobox range of electronic enclosures.

Acrylic End Plates

The use of Acrylic allows wireless signals to be transmitted from within the enclosure without the need for a separate RF / wireless aerial. We would always recommend for maximum coverage if required using an aerial but the acrylic options allow for a very simple and minimalistic design as there would be no external parts.

Uniobox Acrylic End Plates

Not only does the Acrylic enable wireless signals to pass through it, it’s also a very durable material with the ability to be laser cut, machined, milled or drilled. One of the main properties is that its tough and long lasting. This allows us to create Acrylic End Plates to many specifications. With our Uniobox range of electronic enclosures, we can create Acrylic End Plates with the same side profile as the extrusion giving a sculpted End Plate.

E-Case Acrylic End plate

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