E-Case Lug – Extruded Mounting Bracket

Extruded Mounting Bracket from Lincoln Binns Ltd Aluminum extruded mounting bracket for fixing E-Case housings to walls, panels, vehicle bulkheads etc. Linc-Lug slides into any external dovetail feature on E-Case housings and is retained by the end plates. The silver lugs are strip silver anodized and are used with the silver E-Case enclosures that are[…]

E-Case End Plates

The E-Case end plates are available in three finishes: black anodized, silver (clear) anodized and natural. Natural End Plates are anodizing grade and have a removable plastic coating on one side to prevent unwanted scratches prior to application. Silver anodized End Plates are intended as partners for the E-Case (silver) electronic enclosures and black anodized[…]