Company Focus – ESPER DESIGN

Bright Ideas In Black Boxes

‘Lincoln Binns were the only company who could provide us with a one-stop-shop for our casing requirements, their range of custom services has been very useful when developing new products.’

Lincoln Binns have been working with Esper Design for a little over a year now. They produce power supply units and accessories for the photography market. They also have extensive experience with lighting, audio, still and moving images, we can develop systems to assist in the capture, processing and reproduction of data from any of these fields.

Their current product line up includes the POWER CELL; providing 6 power outlets for cameras. These are individually protected from voltage overloads and excessive currents.

Esper Design Power Cell

Also included is the SHUTTER CELL which acts as a camera trigger distribution hub. Multiple units can be linked to provide dependable triggering for large multi-camera systems.

Esper Design Shutter Cell

Esper Design adhere to a very professional nature and their products reflect that. Using our E-Case aluminum extruded enclosure in anodized black with matching black bezels make their products look very appealing. The SHUTTER CELL and POWER CELL both have custom front and rear punched plates with specified dimensions for the various connectors both products use.

Take a look around their website via the details below.

More information about Esper Design:

Website – www.esperdesign.co.uk
Email Address – info@esperdesign.co.uk