Custom Aluminum Electronic Enclosure – Uniobox 3 Data

Data For Our Uniobox 3 Aluminum Electronic Enclosure

Silver or black anodized combination extruded and sheet aluminium box to take circuit boards of width 100mm, 128mm, 160mm and 220mm and length 80mm, 120mm, 160mm and 220mm.

The box comprises a pair of extruded aluminum sides of height 120mm which accept an aluminum top and bottom plate to form a box section. Front and rear plates are fixed into the side extrusions with self-tapping screws to form the enclosure and retain the top and bottom plates. The maximum height of components on a board mounted in the bottom slot is 95mm. The enclosure could be used as a back box for a 3U 19” rack front.

The box features plenty of height relative to its width and is suitable for higher components like transformers, or will have space for PCB mounted daughter boards or additional boards mounted in the extra slots. The outside of the box features a decorative ribbed pattern which is a UK registered design.

Uniobox 3 - Lincoln Binns

Uniobox 3 Envelope Drawing

Uniobox 3 - Lincoln Binns


Uniobox 3 Order Codes:

PCB size mm Box Width Extrusion Length Order Code Silver
100 x 80 104 80 U3S-104×080
100 x 120 104 120 U3S-104×120
100 x 160 104 160 U3S-104×160
100 x 220 104 220 U3S-104×220
128 x 80 132 80 U3S-132×080
128 x 120 132 120 U3S-132×120
128 x 160 132 160 U3S-132×160
128 x 220 132 220 U3S-132×220
160 x 80 164 80 U3S-164×080
160 x 120 164 120 U3S-164×120
160 x 160 164 160 U3S-164×160
160 x 220 164 220 U3S-164×220
220 x 80 224 80 U3S-224×080
220 x 120 224 120 U3S-224×120
220 x 160 224 160 U3S-224×160

Box comprises (all items silver):
2 x End plates, Top Plate and Bottom Plate, 2 x UnioBox extrusion, 8 x screws.
Screws – 4.2mm x 13 TORX pan head self-tapping screws type AB:

Natural aluminum carrier plates the same size as standard circuit boards to slide in the enclosures and be adapted to carry non-standard circuit boards and other fittings. These are simple rectangles of aluminium sheet 1.5mm thick for internal use (i.e. surface finish may not be perfect).

Carrier Size mm Order Code
100 x 80 CN-100080
100 x 120 CN-100120
100 x 160 CN-100160
100 x 220 CN-100220
128 x 80 CN-128080
128 x 120 CN-128120
128 x 160 CN-128160
128 x 220 CN-128220
160 x 80 CN-160080
160 x 120 CN-160120
160 x 160 CN-160160
160 x 220 CN-160220
220 x 80 CN-220080
220 x 120 CN-220120

CN-160220 can be used lengthways or sideways.

Universal Uniobox mounting lug length 50mm in black ABS plastic. Order Code: UBL50. Two are required (one each side) for the 80mm long enclosure and either two or four for longer enclosures as desired. The lug fits round the curve of the UnioBox extrusion and is fixed into the decorative fin feature by two concealed self-tapping screws. It weighs 8g.
UnioBox66 Mounting LugTORX™ is a trademark of Textron Inc. Product and data subject to change without notice.

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