E-Case Bezel

E-Case Bezel

E-Case Bezel

Cosmetic end plate surrounds made of ABS plastic that are available in four sizes to suit the four extrusion profiles. The four end-plate mounting screws pass through the bezel, through the end-plate and into the extrusion. The screw heads are concealed by inserts which closely match the bezel. This gives a much-improved cosmetic appearance.

Application Information:

The E-Case bezels come with the four inserts attached to a sprue on the bezel. The sprue should be cut off the bezel using a sharp knife. Similarly the inserts should be cut off the sprue. Care should be taken not to leave plastic pips on the inserts that will prevent them lying flush when later inserted in the bezel. Once inserted, the inserts are not intended to be removed, but actually it is possible to remove them without damage by carefully using a pin.
Bezels have a few applications that are worth particular mention. It is usual to put script on the front plate of an electronics housing. This can be done by screen printing the plates, but an alternative method is to reverse print the back side of a clear polycarbonate sheet. This can be cut and stuck on the end plate. The bezel is used to conceal the cut edges. Another application of the bezels is to conceal the edge of a gasket that would normally be visible sandwiched between the end plate and the extrusion. There are more details in the gasket section.

Order Code:

E-Case A:
ZAB1 – Black, Bezel 1 off, Screw Caps 4 off

E-Case B:
ZBB1 – Black, Bezel 1 off, Screw Caps 4 off

E-Case C:
ZCB1 – Black, Bezel 1 off, Screw Caps 4 off

E-Case D:
ZDB1 – Black, Bezel 1 off, Screw Caps 4 off

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