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A recent customer has finished their PISonus project using Uniobox 2 and Acrylic End Plates. It’s a high-performance audio digital-to-analog converter and amplifier designed for a way to listen to high definition music without all the complicated setup. Simply plug a power source into PISonus, wire speakers to it and add your music library.


Thanks for the support with the Uniobox. And it is nice to see that you adopted the acrylic end plates. Other topic please give my congratulations to John Binns about the “How to hack a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro” post

PISonus supports Apple AirPlay, dlna, and tunein streaming. All controllable through its interactive touch-screen display or by any device with an internet browser.

To find out more information about PISonus see below:

Website – http://pisonus.com/

Twitter  – @PISonus