Stripmaster Lite Wire Cutters

We were trying to strip PTFE coated wire the other day and our hand-held wire stripper would not grip the PTFE insulation strongly enough to allow the strip. PTFE is very tough so requires a lot of force to strip as well. It is also very slippery. We purchased an Ideal Stripmaster Lite from Farnell. (Part no. 209-129. It came pre-fitted with LB-1002 blades for wire from 30AWG to 24AWG. I was concerned that purchasing the “Lite” version of the product would compromise the stripping ability but I need not have worried. It is excellent. The wire we were stripping is Belden 7/0.2 which has seven strands of 0.2mm diameter wire with an outside diameter of 0.95mm including the insulation. This is nominally 24AWG, but the stripper works better using the 26 AWG position.